Triple Threat Bendback Clouser's

Triple Threat Bendback Clouser's
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Product Description

The Triple Threat Clouser's are now available in the Weedless Bendback Style. This style allows for use when fishing various types of cover, grass, sunken trees, rocks and other debris. There's an old saying about this fly, "you can throw this in a pine tree and easily pull it out without snagging".

The fly is lightly weighted for added effectiveness. Available in hook size 1, this fly is approximately 3 to 3/12 inches in length, just the right size for big hungry fish. They are weighted with very light 1/80 size eyes and have two types of flash material in the fly. All are UV2 enhanced and can be used in either salt or fresh water.

Price each $3.99 Size 1 hook only.

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BTC41 Chartreuse/Pink/White
BTC42 Olive/Pink/White
BTC43 Grey/Blue/White
BTC44 Olive/Blue/White
BTC45 Olive/Fl.Yellow/White
BTC46 White/Blue/White
BTC47 Brown/Green/White
BTC48 White/Pink/White