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The Red and White Hackle Fly, developed in the late1800s and used for all types of game fish around the world is still one of the best Smallmouth/Largemouth flies on the planet. We found that during low clear water conditions and with the fall season creeping upon us this fly is a must. It also can be cast with ease on fly rod weights 6 and up. The fly comes with or without flash and can also be purchased with light weight 1/80 lead eyes. This is the fly pattern showed to me by Lefty Kreh in the mid 1970s.

I watched him stand on a submerged rock ajacent to a big pool in the Susquehanna River and catch 5 smallmouth from the pool rangeing from 16 to 20 inches in length. That sold me and I never go anywhere with out it. Tied for balance and durability.

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Sizes available -2/0-1-4
# RWP103 without the flash
# RWW105 weighted with gold flash
# RWF107 not weighted with gold flash

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