Fur Collar Bunny Clouser’s

Fur Collar Bunny Clouser’s
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Product Description

A revised fly from the 80s that is as effective on these species, big trout, bass, and pike at times will match the Clouser Minnow in effectiveness. Because of materials that are now available I can offer it to the angler.

Available in two weight sizes 1/50 (ex.small eyes) for 5 -6-7 weight fly rods and a 1/30 (small size eyes) for 8-9 weight fly rods. The fly is listed by lengths not hook sizes. Hook sizes are matched to the selected length of the fly.

Price each $3.79

Customization options Available selections
Weight 1/50 extra small or 1/30 small.
Length approximately 2 3/4 inches (2.75")
3 3/4 inches (3.75")
5 3/4 inches (5.75")
Color Solid or barred color options listed