Clouser's Flies

Clouser's Flies
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Tying & Fishing the Fly Patterns of BOB CLOUSER

Now available in paperback!
In this book you will learn how to tie Bob's highly effective and world wide accepted fly patterns. His Clouser's Deep Minnow has been claimed by the top men in the fly fishing world as the best under water fly developed in five decades. You can learn from this book how to tie effective salt and fresh water patterns that are effective for saltwater species plus cold and warmwater fish such as trout and bass.

Learn how to tie original Clouser patterns with full-color photo sequences and step-by step- instruction straight from Bob. This book contains 17 of Bob's most effective flies of which include:

The Original Clouser Deep Minnow -Fur Strip Clouser - Rattle Clouser - Super hair Deep Minnow - Half and Half - Foxee Redd Minnow - Purple Darter - Clouser Mad Tom - Clouser Crayfish - Clouser Hellgrammite - Clouser Swimming Nymph - Clouser Crippled Minnow - Suspender - Floating Minnow - Bright Sides Minnow and the Clouser Drake.

For a limited time with your book purchase, receive a free Clouser Deep Minnow along with a card personally signed by Bob, suitable for framing. This is a priceless value.